Worm*hole : a connection between
separated regions of space-time

The Story of Wormhole:

Our Founder’s Dad was a rocket scientist at NASA. Curtis grew up dreaming of space and travel and what technology he could invent that would let people explore and experience things in a new way.

Story of wormhole


After creating the world’s first Streaming Media platform on Mobile phones at VivaVision – Inetcam in conjunction with Verizon, he visited with some of the scientists that had created GPS technology.

Inspired, he soon began inventing and testing the world’s first Wormhole™ Technology – allowing people and businesses to be anywhere, as if they are actually there.

For the love 

While Wormhole was in early Beta testing at college campuses and interesting places in 108 countries across the world, various industries wanted to use the Wormhole technology to solve some of their pain points.  

Yet it was his love of his sons and some friends that were attending school that was the driving force for Wormhole to focus on connecting Gen Z and Millennials through Wormholing – thus allowing them to socialize, interact and play in a much more intimate, immersive and meaningful way.   

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Wormhole for other markets:

We are seeing that the Wormhole™ technology engine has  applications for other industries and businesses across the world as well and will be offering SDKs.  Contact us for more information.



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